Shakespeare donates royalties

This isn't directly related to the selection of books for little people, but when a natural disaster sits on your city, it's hard for that not to permeate everything in the immediate aftermath. This is a story about deciding how to approach a necessary, moral call to community engagement with a business that is neither established nor terribly relevant to immediate needs. Since Behowl the Moon was launched by (virtual) community support, I want to share my thinking when it comes to passing that on to others. Be warned, this is a very long post, and I've organized it by topics so you can skip to what you care about. 

Where the little girls aren't: Gender imbalance in board books

When I analyzed the board books in our house, the imbalance between genders was striking: in 30 books, we have 14 male protagonists and 4 female. Distribution of speaking parts for characters was even worse. But I'm not ready to toss good books for bad gender politics. I have a few strategies to decrease the gap.