Lovable Board Books from 2011 and Later

Books to read a child that aren't older than you are. 

This is a running list. Asterisks* denote family favorites. Links, where present, are Amazon affiliate/indie bookstore. Please send any suggestions to letitstand@gmail.com or @drivelanddrool. 

Last updated: July 2016

Little Owl’s Night (2013) (Amazon/Indiebound): A little owl leads a tour of the night forest before settling in to bed.

Little Owl’s Day (2016) (Amazon/Indiebound): Little Owl discovers the daytime forest, a whole new world.

A Book of Sleep (2011) (Amazon/Indiebound): The first of Il Sung Na’s quiet studies of opposites.

A Book of Babies (2015) (Amazon/Indiebound): A delightful comparison of different animal babies. A third opposite book, The Opposite Zoo, is due out in early 2017.

Fingers for Lunch (2016) (Amazon/Indiebound): Ewww. This one is kinda gross but a kid favorite.

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way (2015) (Amazon/Indiebound): Though the verse is not as compact as the first Little Blue Truck, this journey to the big city showcases plenty of interesting people and noises as Little Blue Truck shows city slickers how to be polite and take turns.

I Am So Brave! (2014) (Amazon/Indiebound): A toddler boy talks about what he used to be afraid of, and how he conquered those fears. Part of the Empowerment Series, which also has I Know a Lot (2013) (Amazon/Indiebound). 

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada (2015) (Amazon/Indiebound)): Jimmy Fallon’s entry into the board book market is actually pretty good, especially for the younger set, with animal noises, funny, expressive illustrations by Miguel Ordóñez, and barely any text but a storyline all the same.

Happy Hippo, Angry Duck (2011) (Amazon/Indiebound): Sandra Boynton’s inimitable style takes on moods, feelings, and lousy days.

The Swing (2012) (Amazon/Indiebound): Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem about swinging with beautiful modern illustrations.

Ten Tiny Babies (2012) (Amazon/Indiebound): a counting book with an array of babies.

Some Bugs (2016) (Amazon/Indiebound): A cute and verb-heavy exploration of insect life.

Shhh! We Have a Plan (2014) (Amazon/Indiebound): Three nighttime conspirators try to nab a bird, but a smaller tagalong thinks differently. Storyline may be somewhat complex for the littlest ones but with enough dramatic pointing from the reader it goes over well.

Go to Sleep, Little Farm (2014) (Amazon/Indiebound): A girl gets ready for bed as the world outside her room prepares for night too. Rhyming text with a couple odd breaks in rhythm, but spare, pretty illustrations and some nice visual analogies between child and nature. Mother and father are present with specific duties for each.