The Wild Waves Whist (retailer package)


The Wild Waves Whist (retailer package)

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Subtitle: An Ageless Story from Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Author: Erin Nelsen Parekh

Illustrator: Mehrdokht Amini

Publisher: Drivel and Drool

Wholesaler: Baker & Taylor

ISBN: 0-9984397-3-8

ISBN-13: 978-0-9984397-3-0

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Format: board book

Trim size: 7 x 7 inches

Page count: 20

Pub date: March 2019

Author residence: Houston, Texas


JUV001000     JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

JUV029000     JUVENILE FICTION / Nature & the Natural World / General

JUV031060     JUVENILE FICTION / Performing Arts / Theater

Positioning statement:

Ariel’s famous songs from The Tempest lend the words to describe a day’s adventures in this lighthearted book for Shakespeare fans aged 0-3 and their grown-ups. With two joyful child characters, a riot of animals, an enchanting tropical setting, and a lyrical text complete with authentic Elizabethan animal noises, The Wild Waves Whist will charm literature lovers and anyone who enjoys a good escape story.

Early praise for The Wild Waves Whist:

“A beach adventure pairs with the beautifully lyrical words of Ariel in this triumph of poetry and approachability.”Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Shakespeare’s poetry has stood the test of time, enduring for over 400 years. The Wild Waves Whist stands the test of toddlers: You’ll still delight in its musicality and magic after a thousand readings. Paired with Mehrdokht Amini’s luminous illustrations, Erin Nelsen Parekh’s adaptation of The Tempest opens up the lyrical pleasures of Shakespeare for babies and all their grown-ups."  Lindsey Row-Heyveld, author of Dissembling Disability in Early Modern English Drama (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018)

For more information, contact enparekh@dramaticellipsis dot com.

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