Dramatic Ellipsis offers words and ideas from the brain of Erin Nelsen Parekh. Services include copywriting and back cover copy for books and other media, editing for fiction and nonfiction, and freelance writing on a variety of topics. 

Copywriting Ethos

Standard marketing copy for fiction will run from 125 to 200 words and distill the tone, characters, and setup of the novel into an exciting, attractive, and easy-to-read introduction. 

Nonfiction copy will run 150-200 words and position the work's value to the reader, describe what makes it unique, and explain what the reader can expect to find inside. 

Editing Ethos

I strive for clear ideas, smooth and expressive language, and absolutely correct mechanics. Levels of editing are

  • development of content: assistance identifying the themes, ideas, and scope of a work

  • structural editing: help determining how to arrange a work

  • review: evaluation of a manuscript for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

  • cleanup editing: heavy mechanics help

  • copyediting: line-by-line sentence-level edits for correctness

  • proofreading: finding those last imperfections before press

Works can be edited to Chicago or AP style or to a preferred alternative. Fiction is welcome; horror incurs a Nightmare Surcharge. Nonfiction concentrations include business and management, childcare, economics, energy, English language and literature, health, how-to, linguistics, military history, real estate, politics, and self-help.


Available for ghostwriting, journalism, essays, and analysis on assignment. Please contact me with information about the project for rates and relevant clips. 

For all questions, please write enparekh at dramaticellipsis.com.