Board Books with Female Protagonists

Books with girls in the lead are important for girls and boys--to affirm and reflect the girls, and to assure the boys that girls' stories are fun and interesting too. Here is a list of what we've found in the board book category. 

This is a running list. Asterisks* denote family favorites. Links are Amazon affiliate/indie bookstore. Please send any suggestions to or @drivelanddrool. 

Last updated: July 2016

A Ball for Daisy (Amazon/Indiebound). No words. A dog has, loses, and regains a ball, and a friend too. Lovely dynamic illustrations but can be hard for littler kids to follow... ages will depend on the kid.

Bringing in the New Year (Amazon/Indiebound): A book about Chinese New Year featuring a preschooler and her family. Fold-out dragon at the end! Probably best for 1 year+. 

But Not the Hippopotamus (Amazon/Indiebound). Not everybody has an easy time with rhyming activities. Ages 9 months+.

*Good Night, Gorilla (Amazon/Indiebound). A gorilla masterminds an escape from the zoo at bedtime. Ages 6 mo+.

Gossie (Amazon/Indiebound). A gosling loves her boots but decides she likes her friend even more. The origin of a series. Ages 9 mo+.

Home Sweet Home (Amazon/Powell's). A lift the flap book. Baby Owl flies places and looks at the animals that live there. Ages 6 months-16 mos.  

I Know a Lot! (Amazon/Indiebound) and I Can Do It Myself! (Amazon/Indiebound). Part of the Empowerment Series. 12 mos.+

Mama, Do You Love Me? (Amazon/Indiebound): A picture book available in board book form, featuring a daughter asking her mother how much, exactly, she is loved. 

*Please Baby Please (Amazon/Indiebound). The rhythm and repetition of the baby-pleases means this one sometimes has to be read three times in a row. Ages 6 mo.+

*Stellaluna (Amazon/Indiebound). a baby fruit bat is separated from her mother and raised in a nest of birds. Text is long but easily abridged on the fly—just read the beginning and the dialogue. Ages 1+.

Where Is Maisy? (Amazon/Indiebound). A lift-the-flap book; one of many in the series starring Maisy the Mouse. 

*Where’s Spot? (Amazon/Indiebound). A lift the flap book. Sally the dog searches for Spot the puppy through a seemingly normal house—where surprises lurk under every surface. Ages 9 months+.

Very Busy Spider (Amazon/Indiebound). A spider is too occupied spinning her web to do the things she's invited to do with other animals. Ages 9 mo+.